This cafe location is in prime real estate;  it is only one restaurant in San Mateo's building center complex.  No competition Surrounded by about 40 established company offices and hotel academy.  Many regular customers come from the building complex for breakfast and lunch.  Favorable low rent and Long-term lease It is low risk to start your own business The owner has been running this place for 17 years, it's time for the owner to step aside and retire

San Mateo Cafe Video


San Mateo Cafe Sale

You can change the menu.
You can do business right away.
Clean, manage, and secure buildings.
There is a large public parking lot here.

It's the best place if you start the business.

 Price: $90,000
Size: 1000 sq ft.
Rent : $1,000 (including NNN) 
Utilities: $0
Cleaning :$0

Open day: Monday ~ Friday 
Open hours:7 AM to 3:30 PM 
Lease Period: 3 years +optional)


There is a catering income

, in addition to the

main income.


The only cafe here

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